A method used to ground design arguments in research observations and business directives

  • This is a rigorous synthesis method designed to help teams bridge the “analysis-synthesis” gap between research and design ideas in a business context.
  • Elito brings the multidisciplinary team together after primary and/or secondary research has been conducted.
  • Using a spreadsheet and a projector, the team captures its work and thinking in five “Elito entities,” which together create “logic line” design arguments:
    • Observation : “What did you see, read, or hear?” : are the bits of raw data you want to analyze
    • Judgment : “What is your opinion about that observation?” : are the judgements you make off the observations you see.
    • Value : “What values are ultimately at work?” : are the value you see the subject has based off the observation or the judgement you made.
    • Concept/Sketch : “What can the design team do to solve this problem?” : are basically design directions you can go with
    • Key Metaphor : “What is the hook or tagline?”
  • The spreadsheet captures the team’s random, nonlinear thinking to connect arguments, further refine ideas, and organize arguments into observation-based themes.

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