KJ Technique

A facilitated exercise in which participants list their individual priorities onto cards, collect them as a group, organize them by relationship, and establish group priorities through individual voting.

This is especially helpful with larger groups of stakeholders and groups with high risk of disagreement.

The KJ Technique is a consensus-building exercise that helps teams externalize a complicated range of ideas and information.

  • It focuses the team on one question and sets everyone to work on the same task at the same time.
  • Everyone in the group writes as many problems, data, insights, or opinions as they can think of, in silence.
  • Sticky notes are posted simultaneously, opening up the opportunity for a holistic assessment of the problem space rather than competing opinions.
  • By providing a framework where everyone silently works together, decisions are made democratically, with little or no opportunities for coercion.
  • Working efficiently, a team can organize their notes into an affinity diagram.

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