Scenarios Description Swinlanes

A holistic visualization of the activities of multiple actors in a flow of events

• It can benefit any project where several processes or actors have to come together to shape the outcome of the same flow of events

• Multiple scenario description swimlanes should be created from user research, each focused on its own specific story with the following elements:

  1. Storyboard lane

    Captures the events in a user story using comics, photographs, illustrations, or sketches

  2. User Experience lane

    This is a flowchart depicting the story with more detail and insight into the process of the user experience.

  3. Business Process lane

    This is the business logic providing the required processes that facilitates the steps of the user experience

  4. Tools and Systems lane

    Back-end technology that is involved to support user actions and business goals.

• The method visually connects an overarching user story with problems being solved at both a macro perspective and detailed micro view.

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